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Design which includes websites,

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ is very logical advice we often hear, however, human beings are not that logical and we often do judge a business, product or service based on its look.

Branding is so much more than just a logo or a pretty brochure. The purpose of great branding is to make sure your brand is reflecting your business’ personality, core values and brand promises. Its job is to be attractive to the right people. I know, pretty important gig!

Oh and it helps you get raving fans! You don’t need to be Madonna or The Beatles to have an entourage.

There are many great design agencies out there and you will never hear us bad-mouth anyone, mainly because that’s just lame.
What distinguishes our approach to most design and even branding agencies out there is the focus on having a proper brand strategy in place in order to really nail it.

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Great question, especially when the word strategy can seem a little bit hyped!
A lot of businesses have a very scattered approach to branding and marketing and a brand strategy really helps you tie it all together. It also helps you gain clarity on what your business is all about, what your core promises are and how to get your message out there in an engaging way.

If you don’t like your current brand or it is not reflecting your business personality, then yes you do. It is so much easier to sell something you can feel proud of.

If you love your existing brand and would rather not change it, then probably not.

You are asking some tough questions! We love most of our customers! Luckily we seem to attract some truly epic people! If we had to be selective, it is the customer that lets us do our work and trusts in our processes.

Hmm tough choice! It really depends on whom you ask on our team, we have a very multi-cultural team. Martina and Julia, our Italian and Swiss ninjas probably go for pizza. Aga, our German ninja and Christo is always up for a Schnitzel. Franziska is vegetarian, so we don’t even ask her.

  1. Call xxx or email xxx
  2. Fill in our briefing template to help us create a brand you and your customers fall in love with.
  3. Let us work our magic.
  4. Celebrate and share your tales of branding success with us so we can eat more pizza and schnitzels in your honour.

Website FAQ

It all comes down to content readiness and the complexity of a website.

Every added functionality, external platform integration (for example a members area) or multiple additional landing pages add to timings. Generally speaking it can take anywhere between 4 weeks and 8 to 10 weeks from start to launch. 4 weeks usually for a template website and more towards 8 weeks for a bespoke website. These are very general predictions. If have a project which is time critical we can fast-track and find solutions to quicken the process.

Yes, absolutely and we encourage you to do so. We provide you with simple to follow instructional how-to-videos at the end of every project, based on the backend of your website. We use the latest drag and drop builder so it’s really easy for you to add to, update and maintain your website at your own pace.

Yes we work with WordPress All of our template websites are built on WordPress and our Ecommerce plugin is Woocommerce. 

Absolutely. This is a given for us. We are moving to ‘mobile first’.

Custom websites:

With a custom or bespoke designed website there are unlimited design possibilities speaking directly to your brand and audience. The same goes for an intuitive user experience.

You will have a strong online brand presence and a unique site. A custom site is developed from scratch — the information architecture or navigational structure, graphics, functions, and administrative back-end are all designed based on unique specifications.



Template websites
While custom sites allow for countless design and development possibilities, template websites can be perceived as a bit more restrictive, but for businesses that want a modern online presence, turned around in a relatively short period of time, a template-based site is a great choice. Templates are usually chosen by brand new businesses, since they’re also ideal if you have a tight launch deadline, limited content, and/or don’t want to spend a great amount of money. Template websites are based on a pre-existing layout. That said, a great level of brand customisation is possible, including colours, fonts and graphics.

After we launch your site, you’ll receive one month of free support. If anything goes wrong down the track we are always here for you, even if it’s a year or two later.

Yes we can help you with this and do offer copywriting services at an additional charge.

Yes, we love sourcing imagery for you and advise on your brand assets.

Yes, after we launch your website you own it.

Yes, we can work with most hosting providers and make recommendations.